Apple Introduces iOS 12 & macOS Mojave at WWDC 2018

Kyle Bedell/Jun 04, 2018
San Jose, CA -- Apple announced iOS 12 at it's Worldwide Developer Conference 2018. The launch preview demonstrated the company's commitment to integrations with augmented reality, Siri, watchOS as well has various app upgrades.

Augmented Reality Updates

This iteration of iOS focuses on Augmented Reality (AR). Apple introduced a new zip archive augmented reality file format calls they call Universal Scene Description USDZ. This will make it easier for augmented reality content creators to distribute their 3D experiences in apps and web.
The company also showed off their new ruler tool called Measure which is basically the same thing as MeasureKit.

Photos Search

iOS 12 makes it really easy to search the meta data about your photos such as Places and People.

App Updates

There are numerous Apple app updates to talk about. News app gets a new browse tab and sidebar. Stocks app gets the addition of Apple News articles related to specific stocks. iOS 12 also brings Stocks to iPad. Voice Memos are even easier to use with the additions of iPad and iCloud support. iBooks gets a complete design overhaul and has been renamed Apple Books. Features including Reading Now to pickup where you left off. Car Play will support third-party navigation apps.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb mode limits the notifications you receive for better sleep by changing the way your screen displays status.

Group Notifications

Developers erupted a roar of enthusiasm when Apple showed off Group Notifications, a feature that already exists on Android. This allows developers to stack their app's notifications making for a cleaner experience.

Screen Time

iOS 12 brings a personalized activity report to help you with time management. With the time limits feature, you'll be able to set limitations on the amount of time you spend in specific apps. Of course, this comes with parental controls including time blocking such as when it's time for "lights out."

Messages and FaceTime Go Memogi

Apple's Animogi gets tongue detection and Memogi, a personalized animated emojis to match your personality and mood. You can make and alter these through Messages and FaceTime.

Group FaceTime

Apple's FaceTime announced adding up to 32 simultaneous group call participants, still shy of Google Hangouts limit of 50. Tiles shrink and grow as people speak. During the presentation of FaceTime, Tim Cook jumped on the call in a comical "memogi" demonstration.

watchOS 5

Now you can open web links, podcasts and awesome Walkie Talkie on your Apple Watch.

Apple tvOS

Adds Dolby Atmos 3D sound and 4K HDR support. Also expanded content offerings including news and sports.

macOS Mojave

Inspired by the desert at night, Apple is releasing a new theme for macOS Mojave called Dark Mode. It basically turns all light colored Apple grey's to dark grays, this works across all apps including Xcode, Mail and iTunes.
Desktop Stacks is a smart filtering organization feature that allows you to stack items by type for quick expansion and discovery.
Quick Look is a new editor-in-preview mode that combines a large preview with quick edit without opening a file. This applies to things like photo and video.
macOS Mojave has a new screen capture feature that makes it easy to record an app to video.
Voice Memos is coming from the iOS to the Mac with cross device syncing via iCloud.
The macOS App Store has been completely redesigned from the ground up making it easier to browse.
With latest Safari, Apple is taking steps to "shut down" third-party tracking cookies embedded within comment widgets and share plugins to make browsing more private.


Metal enhancements with crazy speed ups of MacBook Pro's eGPU.
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